Associated Events and  Workshops

LPNMR 2015 is associated with several events and will include specialized workshops.

Workshops will be held on September 27, prior to the main conference. Currently planned workshops include:

See more at this link.

A special session dedicated to a discussion of the 6th ASP System Competition, including the methodology of the competition, benchmarks used, lessons learned and, most importantly, the results and the announcement of the winners. More details can be found here.

Algorithmic Decision Theory (ADT 2015) (collocated - same time and place)
Algorithmic Decision Theory is a vibrant and growing area of research concerned with algorithmic aspects of problems arising in social choice and economics that involve optimal ways to aggregate preferences. The area abounds in hard computational problems and may be an axciting area of applications for ASP. The two conferences will seek ways to identify and promote synergies between their respective areas of focus. 
The Conference site can be found here.